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Getting angry about cultural appropriation is bringing us farther from unity 


There is only one race among our species. The human race.
One planet. Separation is an illusion.
We are all one.

In order for us to grow,
we must share our cultures.
We must share our customs.
We must share our ideas.
We must share. We must love.
We will learn to coexist.
Then,will we have…


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My favorite Stephen Gammell illustrations from ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’.

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3LAU at Cal | Sean Hodrick


3LAU at Cal | Sean Hodrick

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Here’s a fun series of infographics that break down the cost of being a superhero when these characters were first introduced and compares it to the expenses the characters’ current iterations would rack up today. The series was created last year for Mashable with artwork by Bob Al-Greene

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Sun City Music Festival 2013 (Day 1) @ Ascarate Park (El Paso, TX)
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